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Makua Lani Christian Academy
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Our Core Values    

Makua Lani Christian Academy seeks to distinguish itself as a school that is called by God to
provide the Kona coast of the Big Island with outstanding academic and spiritual education in a
Christian environment. The school has distinguished itself by its scholastic excellence, its
caring student body, its high degree of parental involvement, and its emphasis on character
development. Its Board of Directors is dedicated toward working with the faculty and
administration in helping to keep the school focused on this vision.

The administration and faculty are pledged to work diligently with the students to enable them
to become more responsible stewards of their God-given gifts and talents in the areas of
academic and artistic achievement. Makua Lani
Christian Academy's motivation is to direct
students to excellence in body, mind, and spirit, creating a desire in them to explore their

The Bible teaches that we are to love one another as God loves us (John 15:12).  The staff
will model this love relationship with their fellow teachers, parents, and students. They will
also provide Godly teaching, helping students to learn about their personal accountability,
about their healthy interpersonal relationships based upon the Word of God, along with the
need to develop a servant’s heart.

Makua Lani
Christian Academy has been called into being to assist parents in providing their
children with an excellent education in a Christian setting. Parental involvement in all aspects
of our school is the key toward ensuring that we shall fulfill the mandate that has been placed
upon us.

Finally, the predominant vision of the school must be to send young people out into the world
that are  academically, physically, and spiritually prepared for the many challenges of life. By
guiding them in an understanding of God’s Word and a passion for His presence, our charge is
to lead them to become fruitful servants of Christ in both secular careers or full-time Christian