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Our Vision and Purpose   

  • Students will learn how to process information and to think critically in the context of a
    Biblical worldview.
  • The Bible will be taught as a core subject in the academic curriculum, and will be upheld
    as the authoritative Word of God.
  • A commitment is made to maintain academic excellence and to maximize every student’s
  • The faculty and staff will exhibit Christ-like character and serve as role models for the
  • Students will be taught Godly character, based upon precepts set forth in the Bible. This
    will include an emphasis on personal integrity, developing a servant’s heart, and
    accepting responsibility for their actions.
  • Students will be taught to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to
    love their neighbor as themselves.
  • The faculty and staff are committed to educating each child spiritually, intellectually,
    socially, and physically.
Mission Statement
Makua Lani Christian Academy will work together with the parents and church to provide
a Christ-centered spiritual, academic, and physical foundation that will produce
individuals who will be Biblical thinkers capable of serving the world for Christ.

The philosophy of Makua Lani Christian Academy is established from the Christian view of
life. The Bible speaks of the moral and spiritual instruction of believers in general and of
children in particular. It places a high value upon knowledge, and defines its ultimate
Makua Lani Christian Academy
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